One Class at a Time - September 2016; Erin Bozarth

One Class at a Time - September 2016

One Class at a Time took a trip to present its first $1,000 grant of the year.

"Ms. Bozarth, I'm Chad Douglas from KHQA and on behalf of our sponsors, ETC ComputerLand, Continental Cement, and Green America Recycling, we are pleased to offer you our very first $1,000 reward for 2016," announced KHQA's Chad Douglas.

Erin Bozarth was in for a big surprise when she learned her request for her student's had been answered by KHQA's One Class At A Time, in a very large way.

"It's my first year of teaching so it's definitely been an experience, trying to accommodate all the academic levels," explained Bozarth.

Ms. Bozarth teaches students with several different learning capabilities and can now start marking things off her wish list that will help her students excel in class.

"I am going to use it to buy two mini iPads for the classroom - it will help differentiate instruction because I have students that are on all types of learning levels so it's really difficult to do lessons so technology helps with that. Also, flexible seating - a lot of my kids like to move about so there is seating that can help with that, that can accommodate them," said Bozarth.

As the students anxiously await their new flexible seating, Ms. Bozarth reflects on the enormous impact this will have on their futures.

"I just think they are a great group of kids and they deserve the opportunity," said Ms. Bozarth.
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