Flexible Seating thanks to One Class at a Time

    Mechele Ogle of Monroe City Elementary is this month's winner of One Class of a Time.<p>{/p}

    Ask any 1st grader what their favorite part of school is, and you're likely to hear one of two things.

    Lunch or recess.

    Some teachers say there's not enough recess in the school day, and it's affecting how the kids learn.

    One Tri-State teacher is now taking matters into her own hands.

    Recess. A staple of childhood and a favorite of most kids, like 1st grader Harper Hays.

    "You get to burn off all of your energy," she says.

    Harper likes the monkey bars the best. Her friend Jamie prefers tag. But in the classroom, they both like math.

    "I think, then I figure out the answer," says Jamie Walker.

    Both Harper and Jamie know the importance of using their brains while in their classroom, but their teacher, Mechele Ogle knows the benefit of recess.

    "We have a lot of wiggling going on in the classroom these days due to not enough time for recess. We have a lot of academics we have to get done," said Ogle.

    Mrs. Ogle is also seeing another trend in her classroom.

    "There are a lot more behavior issues going on in school these days," said Ogle.

    To help the curb the problem, Ogle is using the $1000 she got from our sponsors, Doors N More, Continental Cement, and Green America Recycling's One Class at a Time grant to buy flexible seating.

    "Some flexible seating will give them the option of maybe sitting on the floor, where they can wiggle a little bit more...some wiggle stools, some cushions," said Ogle.

    Maybe even some standup desks. Ogle says she's seen flexible seating work in other classrooms, and has done some online research, and is anxious to have it ready to go for next year.

    This was the last one class at a time grant for the school year.

    We will start it back up in august, so if you know a teacher who could use a thousand dollars for their classroom, have them fill out an application by clicking here.

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