WATCH: Blake the bowling dog

Blake the bowling dog. (KBOI)

EMMETT, Idaho (KBOI) - Meet Blake, the bowling Goldendoodle.

He's 8 months old and loves to hang out at his owner's bowling alley, KT's Lanes, in Emmett.

"I think his high game is, like, a 93," says his owner Katelyn "Kt" Simpson. "He gets strikes every once in awhile, pretty good spare shooter."

Simpson showed him the ropes at 12 weeks old.

"We always thought it would be fun to teach him how to bowl, so as soon as he got tall enough to reach the ramp, we put a ball up there and we tried to just see what happens and he loved it!"

He's lucky to have such a talented coach. Simpson has been bowling since she was 3 years old.

She was on the bowling team at Pikeville University in Kentucky and is now a graduate assistant for the women's team.

On top of that, she was on the USA Junior National team in 2015 and has had nine perfect 300 score games.

"So, we just put the ball on top of the ramp and we held a treat, like, above the ball," said Simpson. "We're like, come on, you know, kind of helped him, showed him a couple times, just pushed the ball with his arms and he caught on and just started doing it on his own."

Blake is a very smart puppy and bowling isn't his only trick!

"Blake knows pretty much everything; he can play dead, he can high-five, he can speak, he presses the easy button, he knows everything and he's so easy to train," she says.

He's a hit on social media -- on Facebook and on his Instagram @blakethebowlingdoodle.

"Everybody that I know through bowling just loves him. Like, 'Oh my gosh, you have a bowling dog.' So, he's very popular," said Simpson. "His last video on Facebook got, like, over 16,000 views."

He's obviously mastered this skill and now it's their new puppy Adam's turn.

"We tried to teach him the other day but he's still too small," she said. "So, when he gets bigger we'll have to teach him how to bowl, too. Maybe they can bowl doubles or something."

Maybe big brother Blake can take him under his wing.

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