Widow may get to keep corpses

A mausoleum on Jean Stevens' property in Wyalusing, Pa. / AP photo

WYALUSING, Pa. (AP) " It looks like a 91-year-old northern Pennsylvania widow will be reunited with the husband and twin sister whose corpses she kept in her home after they died.

Authorities took the corpses away in June after finding out that Jean Stevens had them dug up and stored them in her house. Stevens has said she couldn't bear not being able to see them again.

But workmen at Stevens' rural property outside Wyalusing have been busy the past few months, erecting a gabled building with gray siding and a white door.

The structure is a mausoleum that Stevens intends as the final resting place of her husband, James Stevens, and her twin, June Stevens.

Bradford County authorities told Stevens she could have the corpses back if she builds an aboveground vault.

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