Foster dog recovering after dozens of birdshot fired into stomach

Missy is only about 1, but her doctors say she's been through a lot.

While staying with her foster mom, Tammy Smith, who also runs PAWS Beaumont, Missy was injured.

At first, Tammy thought she hurt herself on a fence.

But after taking her to Dowlen Vet Clinic, she found out it was much worse.

Dr. Danny Hurych performed surgery on Missy, finding there were more than 50 bird shots in her abdomen.

Dr. Hurych says he's confident Missy was shot intentionally and at very close range.

She's doing well since her surgery, but still has plenty of recovery ahead before she can be adopted.

PAWS Beaumont is taking donations to help with Missy's care.

If you'd like to help you can either call the Dowlen Vet Clinic at 409-860-4386 and donating for Missy under the PAWS account.

You can also PayPal a donation to

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