Tennessee lawmaker says pornography a contributing factor to school shootings

Diane Black. (U.S. House of Representatives)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) - Tennessee lawmaker and gubernatorial candidate Diane Black says she believes pornography is a contributing factor to school shootings.

Audio of Black's conversation with pastors was recorded and first published by HuffPost on Tuesday.

In the audio, Black attributes the violence to the "deterioration of family" and says kids are "looking for something" due to a lack of a support system. Black goes on to say children are turning toward "violent movies" and "pornography" available on the shelves of grocery stores.

Black goes on to say she believes "mental illness is something we have got to address, we've got to address families ... and even if we have a pregnancy where we don't have both of the parents married, they still understand you're a parent and what that mom was carrying is the most important thing."

The registered nurse and eight-year veteran of the Tennessee House of Representatives isn't the first Tennessee lawmaker to cite pornography as a big issue. In 2017, Sen. Mae Beavers pushed for a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis.

SJR35 was proposed by Beavers in 2017 and stated exposure of pornography to teens and prepubescent children leads to "low self-esteem and eating disorders." The bill also stated pornography "normalizes violence and abuse of women and children."

Gov. Bill Haslam ultimately signed the bill in April last year.

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