Police: More body parts found, likely connected to woman's murder

Ingrid Lyne, Photo: Facebook / MGN

SEATTLE - More body parts were found Monday - this time at a Seattle recycling center - and police say they believe the remains are the third set linked to the murder of a Renton woman on April 8.

The latest discovery of body parts was at a recycling center in the 200 block of South Hanford Street, police said.

The first set of remains was found by a homeowner April 9 in a recycling bin in a Seattle neighborhood. More were found by sanitation workers Friday in a trash container a few blocks from the first neighborhood.

Police have linked the remains to a Renton mother of three, Ingrid Lyne, 40, who disappeared after going to a Mariners game with a man she met online about 6 to 8 weeks earlier. She was reported missing April 9 when her ex-husband arrived to drop off their kids and found she wasn't home.

A suspect, John Charlton, 37, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with Lyne's death.

Police allege he killed and dismembered Lyne, a hospital nurse and mother of three, in her suburban Renton home on April 8 or 9 and then dumped her body parts.

Charlton remains in jail in lieu of $2 million and is due to appear in court April 27. He faces at least 28 years in prison if convicted.

Charlton told authorities the couple attended the baseball game and then returned to her house, but he was so intoxicated he couldn't remember what happened.

Charlton said he ended up spending the night on a street in Seattle but couldn't recall how he got there. He had injuries to his lips and chin, scratches on his chest and abrasions on his forehead and hand, police said.

Seattle detectives discovered a 15-inch pruning saw near the bathtub at Lyne's home Sunday and an empty box of plastic garbage bags identical to the type from the recycling bin that contained the remains, court documents say.


This is a developing news story. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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