New law offers three months paid leave

    New law offers three months paid leave (MGN Online)

    Imagine being able to take up to 12 weeks of paid leave when a medical situation touches your family.

    A new law in New York is allowing men and women to take time off to care for sick family members or when a baby is born.

    This opens the national discussion over paid time off.

    Right now, under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employees get a 12-week unpaid leave only in a company of 50 employees or more.

    Right now in the Tri States, there are no laws in place when it comes to paid leave.

    Quincy resident Kathy Bozdech said, "We have aging parents and I've spent some considerable time taking care of one of our in-laws, not that I necessarily need it, a lot of people have to leave jobs and leave family and it would help a lot."
    "I think it would be very beneficial, not only to the baby but to the mom as well, financial reasons but also, especially when they are that young, you really need that bonding time with the baby, getting to know them, I know some places only give you 6 weeks, it's usually part of your vacation so you might not get the money," said Mother, Kara Stehl.

    New York is the 4th state that has signed this bill into law following Rhode Island, California and Washington.

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