Macomb designers featured in national magazine

Next time you head to the magazine rack ... look for a Macomb Business in the national spotlight.

Two designers from West Side Lumber in Macomb are featured in the fourteenth edition of "Designer Kitchens: Baths & Master Suites."

That's a trade magazine currently available at larger newsstands.

Michelle Raymer designed the kitchen of a La Harpe home, while Jena Whyte designed the kitchen of a rural Macomb home.

Raymer and Whyte sent in photos of their work and were surprised to find they were accepted into the magazine, which features homes from across the U.S.

"I probably knew I wanted to submit it when I was drawing it. It was just one of those things... You don't come across a kitchen like this very often," Whyte said. "This kitchen was a lot different. Some of the elements in it made it interesting and made me think, oh this may be something a panel of judges would like and think is good enough to put in a magazine."

Whyte designed a contemporary kitchen for a rural Macomb home. She thought the contemporary look fit well with the home's architecture. Her customers felt the same way.

"The consumer, that was their style. They wanted something contemporary. They wanted clean lines. And to mix that in when you pull up to this house you wouldn't expect that kitchen to be what you would see when you walk in the door," Whyte said.

Raymer designed a contemporary kitchen for a family's vacation home. Her job was easier because the family wasn't staying there while the work was being done. Raymer is happy with one specific aspect of her design, a wall that's also a chalkboard.

"Everybody comes in and wants the same thing so when somebody throws you a curve, It is exciting. It makes our job a bit more difficult, but it makes it more rewarding in the end," Raymer said.

Whyte and Raymer were happy to see their designs featured in the magazine and said it is a good way to promote West Side Lumber.

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