Former KHQA reporter/anchor on national talk show

Amy Drescher in the green room, preparing for an interview on Anderson Cooper's show

Former KHQA-TV reporter, anchor and Quincy native Amy Holm-Drescher will share the secret of revealing secrets on a national daytime talk show.

Dresher is a licensed private investigator in the Nashville, Tennessee area. She'll appear Tuesday, May 8 in the second half of a talk show hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper. Check here for local listings.

The show is titled â??Lies and Deception.â?? Drescher will talk about the signs of infidelity and the techniques she uses in her work. Drescher owns a private investigation company that specializes in tracking cheating spouses.

â??While each client, case and surveillance is unique, there is one constant,â?? she said. â??At the end of the day, it's always about unraveling the deception and revealing the truth.â??

Dresher said producers on the ANDERSON show tracked her through a YouTube video she posted five years ago. It was a local reporter's story on Drescher's life as a P.I. After several telephone interviews, a television crew came to Franklin, Tenn. and followed Dresher on a case of a cheating spouse. She then flew to New York for the one-hour taping. The whole process took just a week, from start to finish.

â??The thing that struck me was, I wasn't really nervous,â?? she told me. â??It was weird.â??

Certainly, Drescher's no stranger to television. She worked for ten years at KHQA as a reporter and anchor. For someone like me who has known Amy for 20-plus years (we were bridesmaids in each other's weddings), her job as a P.I. seems like a natural extension from her background as a reporter who loved to dig for a story. More on that in my next column ...

Take care~Sarah D.

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