Report: Dollar store crayons test positive for asbestos

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    If you're planning on doing some back-to-school shopping soon, you may want to avoid buying certain products that could have toxic chemicals.

    Consumer group U.S. PIRG Education Fund is recommending that Dollar Tree recall Playskool crayons after they say they tested positive for asbestos. When asbestos particles get into the air, they can be breathed in and can lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

    "Some of these school products contain toxic chemicals that, while not banned by the federal government, could possibly pose a risk to children. It is legal to have asbestos in crayons. However, scientists and government agencies point out that it is unnecessary to expose children to asbestos," US PIRG said in a statement.

    US PIRG put out a safe shopping guide, with warnings about several products as parents shop for school supplies. The group is is also recommending Dollar Tree recall Jot one inch three-ring binders that are sold in their stores, and recommended Amazon recall Expo scented ink dry erase markers. Those items had chemicals that are considered hazardous, according to US PIRG.

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