Group of passersby helps save elderly man from 2-alarm house fire in NE Portland

Fire on NE Prescott - KATU photo

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A group of Good Samaritans rushed to help an elderly man Saturday evening after seeing smoke and flames coming from his home in Northeast Portland.

Crews were called out just before 6:30 p.m. to put out a house fire on NE Prescott Street near 15th Avenue. Fire officials quickly upgraded the blaze to a two-alarm response.

Firefighters tell KATU News that the man was upstairs when the fire broke out.

Dameian Zibona was driving by at the time and stopped when he saw the fire. He and some other passersby went up to the house to make sure everyone made it out safely.

“We saw him in the front window. We're like ‘well that's not good.’ We immediately walked up and said, ‘you gotta go, come on, is anybody else in the house?’ He says ‘my son is in the house … I think he's down in the basement,’” said Dameian Zibona

Fortunately, the man's son was able to get out on his own.

The family's dog died in the fire and one of their cats is still missing.

Firefighters say crews attacked the fire from inside the home. They also cut a hole in the roof to provide ventilation.

No official word on what caused the fire.

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