Your Voice, Your Future Roundtable: "Illinois: The Cost of Running"

Your Voice, Your Future Roundtable – "Illinois: The Cost of Running"

This one-hour special presentation will examine the record amount of money expected to be pumped into the race for governor. Through taped interviews and live panel discussions, we’ll look at how much money is being spent, who’s donating, and where the money goes. We’ll explain campaign finance rules and hear from voters about how it affects their positions. We’ll hear if they think real people are being priced out of running for office. And we’ll talk with journalists who cover the beat to hear what’s ahead as the primaries near.

Date: Thursday, November 09, 2017

Time: 7:00-8:00 pm (CT)

Host Station: WICS TV, Springfield, IL.


• Tony DelGiorno, former Democratic candidate who says he cannot run for office again because of the financial cost

• Kent Gray, former Republican candidate and onetime manager of Donald Trump’s Illinois campaign

• Rosemarie Long, Sangamon County Republican chair

• Doris Turner, Sangamon County Democratic chair

• 4-5 voters

• Dave Dahl, Statehouse bureau chief, WTAX radio

• Bruce Rushton, political reporter, Illinois Times independent newspaper

Moderator: Adam Rife

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