YMCA teaches young kids the importance of swim safety

A swimming class takes place at the Quincy YMCA (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza)

There's nothing quite like a day at the swimming pool, especially for kids.

For sisters Sydney and Ali they love swimming.

"When you go on the diving board and you get to jump off it sometimes and when you get to splash into the water," said Ali Meyer.

However, swimming can also be extremely dangerous for kids and toddlers.

Illinois ranks among states with the most fatal child pool and spa drownings in 2018, with 8 reported drownings, that's according to the USA Swimming Foundation.

"Especially with us living near the river and pool season right around the corner," said Casey Grave, Aquatic Coordinator at the Quincy YMCA.

She said learning how to properly swim can save your life in an emergency situation.

"Being a lifeguard when I was a high-schooler, it really makes you react really quickly to the dangers and making sure those seconds count," said Grave.

Grave said the earlier a child can start learning how to swim, the better.

"Start as young as six months, and we go up to 8-years-old," said Grave.

She said the early exposure to water and continued swim lessons make a significant impact.

"It helps tremendously. Once they get the fear out of them," said Grave.

According to the USA Swimming Foundation, 253 children under the age of 15 died from drowning in 2018 in the United States.

If you'd like to sign your child for swimming lessons, you can do so here.

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