With extreme cold, car batteries failing more frequently


With temperatures reaching below the ten degree mark throughout the TRI-STATES, everyone...and everything is feeling the effects of the cold.

Car batteries in-particular do not handle severe drops of temperature very well.

"A battery normally only last about 4 to 4.5 years in this area because of the dramatic change in temperature," said assistant manager Chris Hultz at Interstate Battery in Quincy.

Hultz says telltale signs of a bad battery include: your car sputtering when it starts, corrosion around the connections and leaking around the battery.

"Corrosion is definitely another sign that you have something going on, whether it's the age of the battery, it could have something going wrong internally with the battery that you can't really tell by just looking it," said Hultz.

Mendon, IL native Brandon Giesing says when he went out to start his car on Tuesday morning, he knew immediately something was up.

"I don't want to be stranded that's for sure, definitely needed get the battery dealt with." said Giesing.

The cost of a battery replacement will vary based on the size of your vehicle, but a replacement of a battery now may prevent more expensive repairs in the future.

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