Winter weather likely to impact the Tri-States this week

Winter Weather.jpg

Yes, snow is in our forecast! However, the impacts involved in our first winter weather event of the season are likely to be mild. Here's why. Temperatures leading up to Thursday night's event will remain in the low to mid 40s with sunshine. That will allow ground temperatures to stay above freezing. While ground temperatures may stay "warm", the air temperature will plummet into the 20's by the overnight hours.

The reason we're expecting to see this taste of winter is due to a dip in the jet stream. As the jet stream dives farther south this week, cold Canadian air will follow. Any precipitation that may fall with temperatures below 32 degrees will fall in the form of snow.

While the chance to see snow amounts two inches or more is only about a 10 percent chance in Quincy, snow flurries are likely to fall. While snow may fall, very little to no accumulation is possible as the temperature of the ground remains above the freezing mark. It is possible for some roads to become slick over bridges and overpasses as air temperature has a greater impact on these surfaces. Be sure to stay with KHQA's Elite Weather Team as this storm continues to approach the Tri-States.

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