Winter weather and its effect on spring pests

    Winter Pests - KHQA

    Sub-freezing temperatures have plagued the Tri-States this winter but there could be a positive with this year's deep freeze.

    We just have to be patient to see the effects come this spring and summer.

    Those effects are the chance for fewer pests to an extent.

    Prolonged subfreezing temperatures are likely to kill off pests like spiders and other insects that are caught outside.

    According to foresters, five percent of ash borer larva will die in temperatures as warm as zero degrees. As temperatures drop, the percentage of larva death rises. While the cold helps keep most pests at bay, the moisture does not.

    Insects have slowed down a little bit as it does get cold, but a lot of ours are household invaders. They typically go down a little bit farther underneath that frost. All insects need moisture. So, they are going down. I think we are going to see a pretty busy spring as the snow is melting and it is slowly going down and we are getting a lot of moisture content down there," said Dustin Becks, Co-Owner and President of O'Donnell's Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

    While your trees might see some help from these cold temperatures with the ash borer, indoor pests are still likely to hang around. Becks also says that he has already seen an increase in ant calls and bed bug calls this month.

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