Why some restrictions exist on your concealed carry license

Concealed Carry license class

Thousands of Americans get their concealed carry permit every year. However, Illinois doesn't allow firearms into certain facilities like airports, gyms, and public transportation. It begs the question: why get a concealed carry permit if you can't take your gun everywhere with you? Amanda Miller is pro-concealed carry, and after completing her 16 hours of training, feels good about her decision to obtain a FOID card. "I've been around guns all my life, and its my second amendment right and I'm going to exercise it," Miller said. The legal precedent that allows her to carry, though, also limits the places she's allowed to take her firearm. According to Illinois state law, 23 areas prohibit the carrying of a concealed weapon. "They decided with the help of lawmakers and police and input from various organizations taht they wanted these places exempted," WISE Firearm Training owner Jason Klinner said. According to Klinner, state laws don't leave much room for debate. "Unfortunately, there's really no way to get around it. If you go to one of those prohibited places, you're forced to leave your gun either at home or leave it in your vehicle," he said. Mandated no-carry facilities also include airports. Quincy Regional Airport Manager Jarred Hester said it's not just personal security that keeps firearms from being allowed on a flight, but protection of the aircraft itself. "There's things people don't understand or don't think about with aviation the susceptibility of a pressurized aircraft or discharge of a weapon that would inadvertantly hit a flight control surface or any sort of segment of mechanisms that control that aircraft could be severe," Hester said. So how do some gun owners feel about these limitations? "Absolutely I get frustrated," Klinner said. Frustrating or not, the purpose is mutually understood by both parties as a need for increased safety. "I think the good term is safety as a whole. I mean, there's just so many variables and so many different scenarios that could be affected by the use of a weapon,â?? Hester said. â??To sort of sum it up in any category, the only way you could do that is by using the term safety." "It's a respect, you have to observe it. Most of the places that they have that you can't go, you shouldn't need one anyway,â?? Miller said. If you're a gun owner who truly doesn't feel comfortable leaving the gun at home, there's a simple answer according to Klinner. "I just choose not to go in a place like that. I don't store my gun, I just choose not to go," he said.
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