What's looming on the path of 50 Miles of Art?

It might be gloomy outside but inside Nancy Kaufman's studio, there's nothing but color.

It might be gloomy outside but inside Nancy Kaufman's studio, there's nothing but color.

Kaufman owns an art studio in Hannibal where she showcases her wearable art.

"I moved here with eight weaving looms and so a lot of the designs you see in the shop we're done of those eight loom," she said.

Kaufman has been hand weaving jackets, ponchos, hats and scarfs for more than 40 years. Her story is just one you can hear during this weekend's 50 Miles of Art event.

It's a weekend when artists in Hannibal Louisiana and Clarksville open their doors to let customers in...

"... for people to come and see what the artists are doing in this part of the country."

Kaufman is originally from St. Louis. She lived on the west coast for decades before setting up shop in America's Hometown. So what bring artists like her, to small towns like Hannibal?

"The river and the river lifestyle, the camaraderie between artists that are gravitating here," she said. "We're kind of like pioneers, is the way we feel."

The 50 Miles of Art event is a great way for artists to showcase their work but Kaufman says it's also a perfect time for you to see how your products are actually made.

"Everything is so mass produced these days," she said. "To see something handmade, to see the artists who make it, that's just precious."

It's a process Kaufman hopes will amaze her visitors.

"They're seeing the loom the piece is being created on and I can help them with the style, something that suits them," Kaufman said. "Everybody leaves happy, it's a great experience. It's a good way to live your life."

You can download a map to see which local artists are participating in this weekend's 50 Miles of Art by clicking, here.

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