What to take if you're traveling to see eclipse

What to take if traveling for the eclipse

Millions of Americans are planning to travel for the eclipse, several heading to the Tri-States.

"We are expecting tons of traffic. Missouri is expected to experience around a million visitors to its state at some point," said Marisa Ellison, with the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Love's on Highway 61 is expecting many to stop in on their way to the totality line.

"We're expecting busier than normal probably Sunday through Tuesday," says Love’s General Manager Jeff Bisch.

NASA recommends you bring one gallon of water per person, along with enough food for three days.

"Basically a lot of bulk water, a lot of chips, nuts, bagged popcorn,” explains Bisch. “And stuff that's not going to melt if we do have some heat."

Along with food and water, it's important to have your basic car essentials, like first aid supplies, jumper cables, even oil because you never know what might happen.

"We do have oil, antifreeze, we also have a full line of car chargers and stuff for cell phones in case anyone loses one or just needs an extra," says Bisch.

Lastly, don't forget to get a full tank of gas before you go.

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