What the future holds for baby found in dumpster

The Jacksonville Police Department is still investigating the abandonment of a newborn found over the weekend.

The three-day-old infantâ??s fate now rests in the hands of a full scale state investigation.

In a case like this, a lot of people are interested in the baby.

The Jacksonville Police have received many calls about adoption.

A local, family law attorney says not just anybody can take responsibility for this baby's future.

"Well it really comes within the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. What they'll do is, they'll take the child and when the child is ready to be released from the hospital, they'll put it in the custody of licensed foster parents," John T. Inghram, an attorney with Inghram and Inghram, Attorneys at Law, said.

Next, a thorough investigation will be conducted to determine if the parents can be found.

Inghram does say this case is a not like the rest.

"It is a little unusual to have an unknown mother though, I mean we have unknown fathers all the time, a little unusual to have an unknown mother," Inghram said.

The state will also see if they can find other family members who can take care of the baby.

Once the state has exhausted all leads, the child will then be put up for adoption.

At this time, the investigation has slowed down with new leads only trickling in.

The baby is still in the hospital and is good condition.

The race and gender has not been released.

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