What goes into cancelling a school day at QPS

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Most Tri-State schools had the day off Monday as a result of Sunday’s ice storm.

Quincy Public School Superintendent Roy Webb says crews were out working diligently to clear sidewalks and parking lots in hopes to have school Monday.

He says after crews worked on clearing the walkways, the surface became a losing battle following another coating of ice.

"I know our student population and I am responsible for 6,700 kids and about 1,000 employees. I want to make sure they are getting safe to school but when I don't have school and I cancel school I also know that leaves a lot of kids alone at home, a lot of kids without a meal,” says Webb.

Superintendent Webb says, although he is the final decision maker when it comes to having school, he works closely with the school maintenance and transportation directors when it comes to making the final decision.

While students were out enjoying their time off, it is often a tough decision superintendents are left with when it comes to cancelling school.

Superintendent Webb says cancelling school isn't an easy decision.

Along with the safety of the staff and students, Webb says many factors come to mind when cancelling school.

He says it's important students are cared for when their caregiver may have to work, he also says it's important students still get a warm meal in which they may not get if they are left at home.

Superintendent Webb cancelling school can put parents in a pinch and force them to take off work. But one thing Superintendent Webb would like to clear up is, the finances of the district remain the same whether there's a snow day or not.

“The school is going to get their money whether I have school or not because we are going to make up these days. There is act of God days, emergency days that are built into the calendar so it is not ever a financial decision. It is always what I feel is best for our kids and our community and there is educational values in there. But we are always looking out for safety and I am always looking out for the kids,” said Webb.

Superintendent Webb says as far as delaying the school day, it gets students out of a routine and can affect them educationally.

He says, it's best to make up a full day of education because you can't make up a partial day.

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