One-on-one with Lyndsay Lovelace ahead of 2nd murder trial

In five days, the trial of the Tri-States gets underway in Springfield as accused murderer Curtis Lovelace once again faces a jury to decide whether or not he killed his first wife on Valentine's Day 11 years ago.

In this KHQA Exclusive report, our own Jenny Dreasler speaks to Lovelace's oldest daughter Lyndsay, who not only lost her mother at the age of 12 but now says she feels like she's lost her whole family.

"I wish I could remember more. I just want this over with. I want my family to come back together as much as we possibly can because not having a family is hard," said Lyndsay.

Something new with this trial is the expected testimony of Lovelace's second wife, Erika Gomez.

Jenny asked Lyndsay about her relationship with Gomez and she said she had no relationship with her, so little of a relationship she didn't even know how long they were married.

Lovelace's murder re-trial starts with jury selection at 9 a.m., Monday in Springfield, Illinois.

Jenny will be in the courtroom every day.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #lovelacetrial for live updates and blogging from inside the courtroom.

KHQA will also be teaming up with experts from CBS 48 Hours to give you the most comprehensive coverage of the trial.

Watch the entire extended interview with Lyndsay below or click here.


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