Ways to re-engage your child before school starts

Ways to re-engage your child before school starts

"We are having a pretty busy summer as well so I have to get my kids ready for school," says Jesse Uhlmeyer.

Jesse Uhlmeyer is a father of four and the Principal of Canton High School.

He stresses the importance of engaging your child long before school starts.

It all starts with a routine.

"A bed time and also getting up in the morning. We like to see the kids get in that routine and start and know that the school year has started and we are ready to begin learning," explains Uhlmeyer.

Part of that routine should include some sort of homework.

"Doing some reading for fun. If your students are wanting to read at home for enjoyment I would say try to limit their time with their electronic devices. Just let them have that time to read," says Uhlmeyer.

Another way to mix homework into a routine is to buy workbooks or flashcards for your child to do at home.

"They'll buy them for the grade level that they just came from or the one that they are going into and those are great things to do getting them back into whatever lessons that they were in," explains Uhlmeyer.

Kids also enjoy the school year more when they pick out their own supplies.

"They're getting more involved with the whole process so they know school is coming up and they have to get back at it. It does help them get a little bit going as far as realizing that school is going to start" says Paul Stegeman, Owner of Illinois School Supply in Quincy.
"Getting your kid to engage in coming back to school early on is a good thing. It can relieve some stress that they may be feeling about school, about a new school year. Anytime you can eliminate that, the school year will start off better and will be better throughout the year," explains Uhlmeyer.

Most Tr-State school districts have a "Meet the Teacher" night.

Letting your child meet their teacher, see who is in their class, and where they are sitting will take off loads of stress and anxiety on the first day of school.

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