Water and sewer rates set to increase for the city of Quincy

Residents will see a 32 percent increase on their water and sewer bills beginning next month.

Quincy council members approved the increase Monday night to address a budget shortfall in the city's new fiscal year.

The last time the council voted to increase the water and sewer rates was back in 2008.

Mayor Kyle Moore says the 2008 rate was supposed to last for only five years but the city was able to keep that rate for 10 years.

"We have 140-year-old sewers and water systems," Mayor Moore said. "We have a water treatment plant that is aging and so we have made some necessary investments. However, we have drawn down our reserves to make those investments and there is still more to be made.

Mayor Moore says the extra money will help the city pay for a $30-million project to comply with federal regulations.

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