Mendon man honored with special delivery duty

KHQA photo

A local veteran will be making his way to the east coast next week for a very special duty.

J.D. Walker served in the Navy and had a son who would later serve in the Military.

In 2007, Walker's son was killed overseas and now he wants to do his part to honor his son and our veterans.

Walker will have the honor of delivering the official wreaths you will see at the Arlington National Cemetery.

I know for the families that have lost a loved one over there, this is what I get to do. This is what I am proud of. I am proud of my son, yes ,very much so but I am proud of all veterans, every one of them. Even the ones that are still standing today," says Walker.

This year is a little bit different as the Gully's provided a new scheme on the truck Walker will be using to transport the wreaths.

KHQA has asked Walker to take plenty of pictures on his trip and we look forward to following up with him when he arrives back home.

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