Walter Hammond Day Care to reopen?

Students may be welcomed back as soon as August.

UPDATED: July 9 at 7 p.m.

Saturday morning, Quincy residents put on their cleaning gloves and got deep in weeds and bleach.

Former staff at Walter Hammond Day Care organized the center's community cleanup, kicking off all the plans they have for the future. The center's been closed for a year but that's sure to change by this fall.

"Everyone was devastated when the center closed, so this is one way of saying, hey, it's not that bad. We're going to get this up and running again," said Lisa Sams, the day care's former director. "We've been closed for almost a year now, so that's an awful long time to have a closed building. Now, it's starting to have that real clean smell again."

Sams and her crew of about 20 took on every nook and cranny of Walter Hammond Saturday.

"We have bathroom crew, kitchen crew, laundry, classroom, and carpet and floor crew," said Sams.

Many of the day care's neighboring businesses and residents have already pledged to help, from free floor cleaning services to refreshments for the workers.

Soon, these helping hands will provide comfort and security for many of the day care's area residents.

"Our motto is to look ahead and plan, rather than to look back and regret," said Sams. "Because real soon we're going to have a hundred kids running in and out of here and offering jobs to families in need," said Sams.

Sams and her crew are planning a second community cleanup during the first week or two of August, right before the center is expected to reopen. She also hopes to open its doors for this summer's back to school fair.


The Walter Hammond Day Care could open its doors to children as early as August.

The center at Lind closed suddenly last year after a lack of financial resources. Since then, the day care's former executive director of 33 years, Lisa Sams, has worked to reopen the facility.

"There is a tremendous need for early care and education in this community.It was a hardship for many families who were looking for jobs and needing affordable quality care for their children, and when the loss was experienced, it was devastating. And they've found other forms of childcare, but they're still hoping that one day the center will be open and will be able to continue the type of care and service we did in the past," said Sams.

Walter Hammond is asking for you support. Sams and other board members have organized a community cleanup day on July 9th at Walter Hammond on Lind Street. Cleanup starts at 9 a.m., including painting, weeding and buffing the floors. Everyone is welcome to help.

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