Wall of historic Quincy hotel collapses

Structural engineers will inspect the hotel later Thursday.

A portion of the Newcomb Hotel collapsed during storms that ripped through the Tri-States Wednesday and Thursday.

The extent of the storm damage wasn't immediately known.

Quincy's director of inspection and enforcement Mike Seaver was at the building at 8 a.m. Thursday.

Structural engineers will inspect the hotel later Thursday. Portions of the building could be razed if the damage is extensive and an immediate danger to the public, Seaver said.

The city of Quincy was in the process of foreclosing on the 125-year-old hotel at the corner of Maine and 4th streets in downtown Quincy. It's still under the ownership of Victor Horowitz.

Seaver says, " We'll be in contact with the owner advising them of the situation. And if there is an imminent danger, we may have to move more quickly. If not then we'll leave the area barricaded and secured and we'll work with the owner to get this down and taken care of ."

The city is owed more than $480,000 in back taxes, principal, interest and fees from Newcomb Realty LLC.

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