Victorian Christmas Festival snowball toss


The lack of snow on the ground in Hannibal didn't stop the Hannibal Parks Department from having a snowball fight on Saturday.

Kids could come to the Y Mens' Pavilion starting at 3:00 P.M. and try their luck at throwing a Styrofoam snowball through a wreath target.

Once they made a shot, they received a holiday gift for their efforts.

There was hot chocolate and a fire to keep warm.

This was one of many events held during the Victorian Festival of Christmas.

"Tossing the snowball into the wreath, getting a prize, roasting some marshmallows, warming their hands by the fire, we're just providing a little more fun things to do in downtown Hannibal," Mary Lynne Richards.

Hannibal will have many events like this for the remainder of the month for their Victorian Christmas Festival, you can get a full list of events on KHQA dot com.

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