Veterinarian says be mindful of your food waste

Veterinarian says be mindful of your refuse

You may be barbecuing this weekend either in a park or at home.

During the festivities, be aware of your pets and your food scraps and trash.

Plastic bags and containers pose a danger to animals.

They can cause blockages and suffocation.

Doctor Bob Reich with Animal Medical Clinic in Quincy says there are plenty of things you can do to counteract these problems.

"I think you need to be concerned about what you do with your food refuse. Don't leave it in plastic bags. Dispose of it properly, if you can. Take it home if you're in a park. Use a garbage disposal. Cut the bottoms out of plastic bags," said Reich.

Even if you don’t have pets, Dr. Reich also says you never know where your trash ends up, so always be mindful.

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