Vandals trash school bus specially equipped to transport handicap students

Image provided by Amy Winningham (KHQA.)

Mississippi Valley State School serves some 20 students in Hannibal with special needs.

On October 5th, three of their buses were broken into and trashed.

"It's uncalled for," said Amy Winningham, Transportation Director at First Student Transportation.

First Student owns and operates the buses, but Mississippi Valley State School leases them out for use.

The school only has twenty students, but many of them have special transportation needs.

Three of the four buses Mississippi Valley uses to transport students had been trashed in broad daylight last Friday evening.

"We spent the majority of the day, four of us, cleaning every bus. We had to take them to the car wash and spray them completely out," said Winningham.

A police report has been filed with Hannibal Police Department. HPD did not respond to a request for comment.

Winningham says her bus drivers will now take their buses home after each day to prevent this from happening again.

"There is several different options that are being discussed...cameras are one of them. Certain alarms on our buses are going to be one of them," said Winningham.

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