U.S. Congressman pushes for low-income funding despite Trump's proposed budget cuts

U.S. Congressman Dave Loebsack was in Southeast Iowa for his "Making it Work" tour on Wednesday.

The goal was to discuss the elements which make up a community that includes economic development.

Loebsack also discussed the real life impact the Trump administration federal proposed budget will have on local communities.

Loebsack mentioned his main concern is the federal budget cuts to low-income housing.

He explained a lack of funds could soon be a direct result to no jobs.

"When we can provide funding for weatherization for example low income, they have an older home, that creates jobs for those weatherization efforts so that's very important,” Loebsack said. “That's the kinds of things I'm talking about on the tour".

Loebsack pointed out it's still up to people in the community to do their part to find jobs.

He said the only problem is there has to be jobs in the area to begin with.

"If they can't get jobs in the first place, they need help,” Loebsack said. “We need help to provide funds to invest in our communities so those jobs exist for those people".

Loebsack also toured Burlington and Fort Madison.

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