Two Monroe City residents rush into burning home to save tenants

Two Monroe City resident rush into burning home to save tenants

A house caught fire in Monroe City over the weekend.

It happened Saturday on the corner of North Main Street and East Abbot Street.

Two people were inside when it happened.

What many don't know is that two heroic neighbors ran inside the burning house to save them.

"I was walking out of my garage and I noticed one of the neighbors exit on the back side of her house there and she walking in a frantic state," said neighbor Dane Foster.

Dane Foster immediately saw smoke coming from his neighbors house and knew the home was on fire.

He called 911.

"I asked her if her mother was out of the house yet and at that time she told me she was not. I said we need to get her out right now. At that time I ran inside and picked the mother up," said Foster.

Meanwhile, a few houses down Monroe City Mayor John Long was working in his yard.

"I heard a god awful scream out of my wife. I ran around the corner of my house and halfway down the block my neighbors house was on fire," said Mayor Long.

Long flagged down another neighbor, Zach James, who happened to be outside, too.

Long and James ran to the house to help Foster.

"I went outside and that's where I met John Long. John said to set her down on the grass. I asked where Zach was and the other resident, someone made note that they were inside," Foster explained.

Zach James had run into the burning house, looking for the second person.

Foster ran into the flames a second time, hoping to help James.

"Both of them came back out hanging onto the daughter. The house was at the time, already flames over the roof," added Mayor Long.

That's when the fire department, police department, and EMS showed up and took over the scene.

By that time, both mother and daughter were out of the house, thanks to James and Foster.

"We just happened to all three be around at the same time which was the best benefit," Mayor Long said.
"It makes me proud to know that I can count on my neighbors If I need something and I know that anyone in this town would have done exactly what I did given the opportunity," Foster said.

Officials tell KHQA that the mother and daughter are currently staying with other family members.

They are doing just fine, other than being a bit shook up.

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