AAA warns of road injuries due to poorly packed luggage

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It's a new beginning at college for Lucas Weber as he decides what shirts to bring.

He only wants to pack the essentials as he attends Kirkwood Community College as an incoming freshman.

"It's kind of nerve racking moving from a town of 800 to the second biggest city in Iowa,” Weber explained. “Criminal justice which is what I'm majoring in," Weber explained.

He plans to take the essentials like clothes, a dresser, a TV of course and other household items.

He'll take most of it in his car, but it's heavier items safety experts want students to be aware of when loading their car.

Amica Mutual Insurance has a few moving tips to keep in mind.

First is to put the heaviest items as far forward in your car or moving truck to help minimize weight distribution issues.

Next, you shouldn’t stack belongings too high where you can't see out the back windows.

Experts say you should also check tire pressure levels before you leave.

Another tip is to always keep an emergency kit in the car for the journey.

Weber has a some words of advice for students moving to college.

"It comes at you fast so just don't procrastinate," Weber pointed out.

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