Trimming your trees before the spring green

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    Many of us love our densely packed trees and shrubs, but wind damage and an unruly look might not be what you're going for.

    Now is the time to start trimming and shaping your trees and shrubs.

    Not only will this pre-season trim benefit your plants later in the season, but cold temperatures will help to keep disease at bay.

    If your tree or shrub is a spring bloomer, wait until after the flowers have dropped to prune that vegetation.

    So, pruning trees in the time they are dormant which is still now and we are starting to get warmer temperatures so the trees are going to start to push that sap flow from the roots up to the branches so, you want to get any pruning down prior to that happening, especially on oaks," said Todd Friye, Bergman Nurseries President.

    In addition to trees, roses bushes and ornamental grasses are also a key item to clean up.

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