Tri-state schools respond to nation-wide walkout

File photo.

Tomorrow's school walkout is both a protest and a memorial for those killed in the Florida high school shooting.

Students and teachers across the country plan to walk out of class at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes.

That's in memory of the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida.

Students in the Palmyra, Ralls County and Hannibal school districts all will have the option to walk out if they choose.

According to a news release, the Quincy Public School District says it has not received notification or confirmation of any students participating in the National Walkout.

Quincy University junior Tori Elliott says the walkout should be taken seriously.

"I think that students have a right to protest and voice their opinion about the safety in schools and the safety that they feel everyday when walking into the school building," said Elliott.

Meanwhile Quincy resident Angela Rush disagrees.

She says she doesn't think the walkout will fix the problem.

"I was bullied left and right. I saw kids who were bullied worse than I was and walking out for 17 minutes or 20 minutes or however long is not going to change matters. There's still going to be kids bullied. There are still going to be kids who are being the bullies. It's a matter of changing what we're actually doing in the schools," said Rush.

Organizers say nearly 3,000 walkouts have been planned in states from Maine to Hawaii and as far away as Australia.

Walkouts are expected to take place at schools ranging from the elementary to college level.

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