Tri-State residents take part in a special Night to Shine

The special guests rolled up on the red-carpet Friday evening at the crossing in Quincy.

Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine is an all-inclusive chance for those with special needs to enjoy a special night.

Much like prom, a Night to Shine has become a right of passage for many American teens.

The special guests rolled up on the red carpet for a glamorous affair Friday evening at The Crossing in Quincy.

Crossing Campus Pastor Kory Hollensteiner says the moments he sees stick with him for a lifetime.

"Yeah, you see that on the red carpet, when they get announced as prom king or queen you just see these faces that last in your mind for a lifetime because it's such a special time, they're so honored," Hollensteiner said. "And then when you get on the dance floor it's just crazy fun."

This event was also going on in Macomb and in other locations across the nation with the support of the Tim Tebow Foundation.

To learn more about the Tim Tebow Foundation and the 'Night to Shine' event, click here.

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