Tri-State residents and visitors talk eclipse

A total solar eclipse will take place in the United States on Aug. 21. Photo courtesy NASA Goddard Space Center.

The Tri-States are now just hours away from the solar eclipse.

KHQA spoke with residents and visitors about their plans to watch the event.

While many told us they will be working and will be unable to see it, others are excited for the phenomenon.

Colton and his family were passing through Quincy to move his sister into college.

His class made eclipse viewers to watch the event due to a shortage in glasses.

"I think it's pretty cool. I mean I'm not big into science but I think it would be pretty cool to see a solar eclipse and everything," said Colton.

Brenda Dietrich is from Payson. She told us she’s traveling to Jefferson City with her daughter, but they will not watch the eclipse.

"My daughter has to take her practical for her cosmetology boards down in Jeff City and I know when we called to get a hotel earlier this week, they were totally booked solid because of the eclipse," Dietrich said.

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