Tri-State gals and ghouls celebrate marriage scaremony

Tri-State guys and ghouls celebrate marriage scaremony.

Couples from the Tri-States said their I-Boo's instead of I-Do's this past weekend at Six Flags St. Louis.

"She entered us in a contest to get married at Six Flags and I didn't know about it,” said Quincy resident and groom George Johnson.

Shelby and George are one of many couples who added a spooky twist to tying the knot.

"I am a big Halloween fan and Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites so Jack and Sally just seemed to fit," said Quincy bride Shelby Waid.

Twenty-six brides and grooms came to Six Flags St. Louis for a Hallowedding Scaramoney.

Three of those couples were from the Tri-State area, two from Quincy and one from Hannibal.

"We were pretty shocked actually to see somebody else from there. Seventeen-hundred people entered for this and we won," said Hannibal bride Pam Rayhart.

"When we found out we were going to have a Friday the 13th during Fright Fest we thought 'Oh what fun thing could we do?' We thought 'you know what, we'll marry 13 couples, why not''," said Six Flags St. Louis Public Relations Manager Elizabeth Gotway.

Complete with a ghastly makeover and their best Halloween wedding attire, it was almost as easy as saying 'I boo'.

"We literally had to do nothing other than go to the courthouse and get our marriage license on Wednesday and then show up here."

Although it's been several years since Six Flags hosted a Hallowedding, for some it feels like yesterday.

"We got married down here in 2002 and decided to do something cool to share between all of us. This is where we started, so we saw the contest online and figured it would be a cool thing to do, just kind of reminisce on how we started,” said Jason Heck from Quincy.

After the reception, participants got to take their first coaster ride as a happily haunted couple.

"It’s going to be great we all get to have this experience together,” said Waid.

Gotway says the wedding response for the scaremony was incredible.

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