Tri-State family says granted dream has turned into nightmare

    Tri-State family says granted dream has turned into nightmare

    A Tri-State mother is having second thoughts about allowing a local charity grant a dream come true for her 7-year-old daughter.

    Last November, we brought you the story of Lilli Woodmansee of Payson, Illinois.

    She suffers from an immunodeficiency disorder.

    Lilli undergoes chemotherapy once a week at home.

    The Western Illinois Dream Factory promised to make Lilli's dream of having her very own room just the way she wants it come true.

    Four months later, that family now says Lilli's dream has turned into a nightmare.

    KHQA spoke with Lilli's mother about where the project stands now and how it's created a major hole in their life.

    "We have way more expenses ahead of us because of saying yes to this project," Fallon Woodmansee said. "I'm looking at foundation repairs."

    Fallon Woodmansee said she's thankful to the many volunteers and donors who helped the Western Illinois Dream Factory create a dream room for her daughter, Lilli.

    However, she said the project has left this deep hole in her yard that's been there for four months now.

    "My basement has been flooded three times," she explained.

    The hole was dug to install a fire exit window for the basement, but that window was never installed either.

    She fears the hole could lead to more health concerns for her daughter.

    "I'm facing the fact everyday that if it rains, is it going to mold, and my daughter's going to get sick?" Woodmansee said. "To be able to put those fears to rest would be great. "

    KHQA reached out to the Western Illinois Dream Factory, which put us into contact with Dream Factory Inc CEO Mike McKenzie.

    "I spoke with the contractor today, and the issue has been the frozen ground and the weather," McKenzie said. "He anticipates being there within two to three weeks, the weather permitting and ground thawing."

    Woodmansee said the Dream Factory, its donors and volunteers have gone great lengths to help children.

    "I want to see that the people of our community who donated all of the money that they donated that their money goes to what they were promised," Woodmansee said. "That is to redo that window so that my daughter can have her own room."

    "The Western Illinois Dream Factory is an extremely young chapter," McKenzie said. "We've put steps in place so that everyone understands what is going to be completed as part of a dream. And that donors understand that it's going to go toward the dream. And the dreams will be completed. We've had other dreams completed. We're not particularly proud of this one. We have steps to take to make it right, and that's what we're going to try to do."

    Once again, Lilli and her mother, Fallon, want to thank everyone who donated to the project for what has been accomplished so far.

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