Tri-State businesses feel effects of shutdown

Tri-State businesses feel effects of shutdown

Beer connoisseur Sean West co-owns Forgottonia Brewing in Macomb. The brewery is still under construction and is expected to open in May--that's only if the government shutdown comes to an end soon.

West said now is the time when the brewery should apply for a federal liquor license. Yet, the workers who approve applications are furloughed. Even if the paperwork is submitted soon West said there could be a hold-up.

"We've been hearing one to three months and we're expecting there to be a backlog once they do reopen," West said.

As for the shutdown, earlier this week President Donald Trump addressed the nation from the oval office.

"We have a country that is being invaded by criminals and drugs and we're going to stop it. I want the democrats to come back and vote," said President Donald Trump.

Funding the wall remains a sticking point that's keeping the government closed.

“800,000 federal employees and all American citizens are held hostage, when do we come together and say enough,” said Democrat Representative Gerry Connolly of Massachusetts.

And the waiting game continues.

"We're really hoping something happens sooner rather than later," West said.
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