Train derailment in Keokuk

    Train derailment along the riverfront in Keokuk


    BNSF Railway spokesman Andy Williams says four of the 13 loaded coal cars that derailed rolled onto their sides, spilling their loads, but the coal didn't reach the river.

    Williams says repair crews expect to have the line back open by 9 p.m. Monday.

    UPDATE: The intersection of Main Street and Water Street is closed in Keokuk Monday morning while crews clean up a train derailment.

    Around 10 coal cars jumped the tracks around 2:20 Monday morning.

    No injuries have been reported, but there is significant damage to the area, and the tracks.

    Heavy equipment cranes arrived on scene to start the cleanup process.



    KHQA has learned of a train derailment along the riverfront in Keokuk.

    Chris Mills is a journalist in that area, and tells us about a dozen coal cars derailed early Monday morning.

    He says there is heavy damage to the railroad equipment and the tracks.

    No injuries have been reported.

    KHQA's Hailey Vetterlein is en route, and will have the latest on KHQA This Morning.

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