Paralyzed man uses story to keep area residents away from drugs

One-on-one interview with Skyler Osborne

Two weeks after his 21st birthday Skyler Osborne was shot and ultimately paralyzed in a drug deal.

It happened July 4 in Quincy.

"I can't be in this chair the rest of my life," Osborne said.

Osborne's doctors can't say for sure if that will be the case or not.

Osborne was one of two men shot last summer on College Avenue in Quincy.

He's paralyzed from the chest down.

He also lost his best friend, Randy Bowser-Smith, who died in that same shooting. The reason? Marijuana.

"Being in my situation and knowing that I have to lose my life, and I might never see my best friend again," Osborne said. "It's pointless." Sometimes, I'm in so much pain that even my pills don't help me."

Skyler's mother, Becky Troy has had to take time off work to help care for her son who's bound to a wheelchair.

"It's a struggle," she said. "No one realizes what it is until it happens to them."

She asks area residents to think twice before turning to drugs.

"Those people who are doing it, they don't think about their families," Troy said. "They don't think about anybody but themselves."

When Osborne gets stronger, he wants to visit area schools.

"I really want to help kids understand that the type of life I was living before this doesn't get you anywhere," he said.

Gavin Masters, 18, was convicted in the double shooting last November.

He was sentenced to 115 years in prison.

Watch Skyler Osborne's entire interview here:

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