Tips and tricks to organizing your home

    Tips and tricks to organizing your home

    Marie Kondo is inspiring a lot of us to get organized this year thanks to her new Netflix show 'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.'

    KHQA's Hailey Vetterlein met with the professional organizers of Golden Bridges, Inc. for tips on organizing your home.

    Golden Bridges has been helping the community organize and move for six years.

    Co-owner of Golden Bridges, Nancy Waters, recommends using an over-the-door shoe organizer for things other than shoes.

    "I don't use mine for shoes, I use it for organizing my toiletries. I hang mine on the back of my bathroom door. It doesn't clutter my cabinets but since it's clear I can see what I have but it's also out of the way," Waters said.

    Co-owner Susan Scholz says clear containers are your best friend!

    "Containers are important.Organizing into containers allows you to keep like things in like places, and you can see what you have. They don't have to be expensive, you can get some at your local stores," said Scholz.

    Co-owner Suzanne Ellerbrock says it's time to tackle that junk drawer, and it's easy!

    "What I use is those Cool Whip containers, they fit in my drawer. I also use a silverware organizer and that really helped. If you have a junk drawer, organize it! It makes you feel really good, at least it did me," Ellerbrock added.

    Learn more about Golden Bridges on their website

    You can also follow them on Facebook or call 888-922-6368.

    Below are more organizing tips for your home.

    Laundry room/linen closet:


    Food pantry:

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