Three winter weather hacks to get you on the road faster

Snow and ice - KHQA

Tri-State residents are no stranger to ice and snow caked on our cars, but with Sunday's blizzard snow still sticking around, many are still fighting with cleaning off their cars.

Clearing frozen wind shields has to be one of the most time-consuming tasks during the winter months.

Starting one's car and turning the defroster on will help speed up the process, but spraying a thin layer of three parts vinegar and one part water onto your windshield will help speed up the melting process.

Our mirrors are typically too difficult to scrape. Placing a bag over them before the sun goes down will prevent ice buildup.

Windshield wiper stuck? While your car sits idle, place an old pair of dress socks over them to prevent freezing.

Just keep in mind that this only works with dry cold conditions. While it might be tempting to start your car and go back inside to let it warm up, that is illegal to do in Illinois and Missouri, but not in Iowa.

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