The Red Cross needs blood donations

The Red Cross needs blood donations

The Red Cross is in urgent need of your help.

During the summer, it becomes difficult to gather all the units needed for hospitals, about 130,000, in all.

That's why there are blood drives all over the area this summer.

The first few coming up are Thursday in Liberty, Friday at Salem Church in Quincy, and Saturday at Faith Presbytarian in Quincy.

The drive at Salem Church in Quincy holds a special meaning for one family.

Jim Whitfield's sister passed away unexpectedly last year.

He and his remaining sister put together a blood drive in honor of her.

"She was always the kind of person who was willing to help other folks. Why not have a blood drive in her memory? That way, the blood that was donated in her name can go out and benefit those who are in need," said Whitfield.

Next week, they're going to be in Hannibal and Fort Madison, Iowa.

For more information on drives in your area and what you can do to help, call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit the website.

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