The house that Becky built

For the last five years, the Becky Thatcher House in downtown Hannibal has sat silent ... at least on the outside.

Inside, more than a million dollars of work has been going on to restore the home.

Now the home is ready to reopen to the public.

KHQA is proud to give you a sneak peak. Make sure you watch the video above or click here.

"Our visitors have come through our properties, they stand there and look at it and wonder what's inside?" Henry Sweets, the Executive Director of Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum said.

Well, let's show you what's inside.

"When they step into the house, they'll be meeting Becky Thatcher and finding out who the real person was who lived here," Sweets said.

"They are going to learn about Laura Hawkins who was the real Becky Thatcher. She was quite an interesting lady. She was friends with Mark Twain into old age," Brenna McDermott, the Marketing and Community Relations Manager for the home and museum said.

You'll also learn about the Tom and Becky program and how it's changed over the years.

"You'll also learn more about our 100th anniversary which we celebrated in 2012 and how the museum properties have changed over the years," McDermott said.

Plus, a whole lot more. The kicker here though, these exhibits aren't going to be here long.

"Temporarily, we have exhibits that are going in that will give a hint of what we will be doing with permanent exhibits," Sweets explained.

The goal is to make the Becky Thatcher House very interactive with storytellers and exhibits you can be part of.

As hands on as the house is now, you haven't seen anything yet. In a year, the museum will start working on more permanent displays that will get even more interactive. One plan is to put QR codes, so you use your smartphone to scan the code to get a behind the scenes look.

"People are evolving. We're more technologically advanced. I think kids expect a little more when they come through a museum, not just reading," McDermott said.

But first, about $300,000 dollars has to be raised for the permanent exhibits. In the meantime, check out the Becky Thatcher House this Saturday starting at noon for it's grand re-opening.

Getting the Becky Thatcher Home re-opened is one more step in the museum's master plan.

Up next, restoring the John M. Clemens Justice of the Peace Building and the Grants Drug Store building.

At this time, there's no date set on when that'll happen.

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