The haunted legends of Magic School Bus Road


As part of our 7 days of Halloween special series, we take you to a Tri-State country road with several legends passed down throughout time.

Many people refer to it as "Magic School Bus Road."

Some say it might be haunted by spirits of children who died in a school bus crash on the bridge.

Others say it merely served as a party place for local youth.

KHQA's Rajah Maples invited a 6th generation Greek psychic medium to visit the site with me to discover what he sensed.

"I sense movement," Theo Kostaridis said. "Like a little anxious. Like I want to look over my shoulder all the time. Like something's coming."

Theo Kostaridis is a sixth generation psychic medium and spiritual teacher born in Greece.

"I sense a lot of energies," he explained. "There's also happiness, but also a lot of tragedy. People passing. Instant death."

Theo sensed some type of vehicle going off this bridge and into the Waconda River.

The number "9" stood out to him as though nine people lost their lives here at some point.

"I don't know if they hit something or if something was in the way," he described. "But I just feel like right about here, mass hysteria."

Theo sensed positive energy on this side of the river, as though spirits of children were laughing and playing on this bank.

"The water is a conduit, so they all migrate to water."

Not all of the energy Theo sensed was positive.

Several Lewis County natives who've lived near this bridge for 90 years don't recall a school bus crash or any casualties. But they recall an old school bus parked near it, which served as a deer camp or party bus. They also recall this nearby Wayside Inn that stood between 1840 and 1980. Legend has it - an inn guest had a relationship with the innkeeper's daughter but disappeared. Some say the innkeeper killed the guest and put him in a nearby well.

Locals also say this bridge is located near a couple of old cemeteries.

We asked Theo if he sensed any other presence.

"Yes," he said. "Some Native American energy."

Remember we are along the Waconda River.

According to the Kansas Historical Society, Waconda means "spirit" to many Plains Indians.

The Free Dictionary defines Waconda as "the supreme spirit" in Native American culture.

According to baby naming website,, "Waconda" means "intuitive" and "looking to investigate the unknown."

We opted to visit this bridge with Theo at night, which we thought was absolutely necessary.

Theo says that's simply not the case.

"There are misconceptions with hauntings," he said. "They can happen any time of the day."

This bridge also served as a party spot for area youth.

"I sense party activity but also that it got out of hand a lot," Theo said. "Like fighting along with the partying. Spirits are like energies. Just because something might be haunted doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad haunting. It's not always negative as the way the TV and movies portray them."

Even though there's no record of a fatal school bus crash on this bridge, Theo did sense some type of incident involving a school bus that resulted in child deaths.

We've heard from countless people about their paranormal experiences along Magic School Bus Road.

However, if we haven't heard from you, please chime in.

Do you have any experience and legends of the supernatural in the Tri-States?

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