Vampire facial craze makes its way to the Tri-States

A skincare procedure is gaining growing popularity across the country.

A skincare procedure is gaining growing popularity across the country.

And now it's being offered right here in the Tri-States.

In the age of social media, it's not uncommon for celebrities to spark a new trend.

That's exactly what happened with Kim Kardashian's Dracula-esque facial.

Now you can get the same facial in Keokuk.

It's called the Vampire Facial. Brady Priebe is a registered nurse and also head of esthetics at James Healthcare in Keokuk.

"This would actually fit any customer, any age, anything. Anyone that just wants to make their skin look more bright and youthful," Priebe said.

Why is it called the vampire facial? Take a guess...

"So this takes very, very little blood. It only takes about 10 milliliters," Priebe explained.

Your blood is drawn before the procedure and spun through a machine. Platelet Rich Plama, or PRP, is the result.

Priebe uses a very fine needle.

"To open up the skin, and then I've already done this portion so now I'm ready for her actual PRP,” Priebe said.

The PRP is swirled on top of the skin.

“Which is going to stimulate new collagen growth. Help with texture and color of her skin," Priebe stated.

Once the facial is finished the patient sits for an hour to let the PRP seep into the skin.

"You'll continue to let it soak into your skin. Let it do its job then you can wash your face," Priebe said.

There's little to no down time after the procedure.

For more information on the services at James Healthcare, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

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