The countdown is on for Illinois' 200th birthday


The state will mark the occasion with a year-long Illinois Bicentennial celebration.

County and city officials, along with other dignitaries and residents, gathered Monday on the front lawn of the Adams County Courthouse. This commemorative Bicentennial Flag Raising Ceremony was just one of over 70 others across the state.

"Adams County is happy to be a part of this year long celebration alongside the City of Quincy. When you look back at history, there have been many historic events that help charter the corners of our state that happened right here in Adams County," says Les Post, Adams County Board Chairman.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore shared the city's rich history over the years, which continues to leave its mark in the Land of Lincoln.

"It's such a special story our state and of course we in Quincy and Adams County play a very important part. Of course you hear the title "By the rivers gently flowing" and you can't really talk about Illinois, talk about Quincy without the Mississippi River and you think about what Quincy have become since 1822 when John Wood built his first log cabin here and what an important part the Mississippi River has played," says Moore.

And as 2017 was faced with many obstacles, Senator Jil Tracy is optimistic about the state's future.

"We've been planning for celebrating this history and I think focusing on the positive but recognizing that yes we have huge obstacles to overcome. You know when I mention Abraham Lincoln look at what he's overcome and the obstacles he's faced when he was president. We are pretty resilient people and I think we can do it. Certainly it is not going to be easy but I think that will bring us up to the challenge," says Senator Tracy.

Post says he hopes businesses around the area will get involved in this milestone celebration.

The actual date for the bicentennial will happen December 3, 2018.

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